Mark Design

A hundred year long name

My story begins in a very distant time and place. In 1905, the Marchionni family emigrated to the United States and changed their last name to Marks. Boldness, determination and talent repaid Giuseppe Marchionni, who became a pilot in Indianapolis. I grew up feeding on his mettle, and the myth of speed, genius, and creativity. When I was a child, I used to dream of becoming a racing car designer. Today I am a designer, with a very specific vocation, though: the design of “racing” labels, roaring and flashing pictures of the personality of each brand.

It all started back in 1993 from a ​​Fabrizio Marchionni’s idea, which was to put his know-how in graphics, illustration and brand design at the service of the Italian wine sector. From 1995 onwards, his agency successfully established itself as a solid business in an exclusive market niche, the local oenology. This choice made us become one of the very few studios specialised in wine label design for the oenology world.

Since 2001, alongside with creative image design, we added digital communication to our services – once again, developing concepts dedicated to wine growers, producers and food and wine companies.

This is why Markdesign is today one of the few realities in Central Italy specialising in the wine and HORECA sector, working also in other fields, such as tourism and natural cosmetics.

About us

Markdesign is a creative studio that has been blending planning skills and history for forward-thinking companies since 1993. We take care of branding, packaging and communication on a national scale thanks to a small and independent team of designers and art directors.

We completely dress the bottle up: from label graphics to contents, from the choice of the bottle shape up to the seal and the various types of packaging. Each project is thoughtfully designed and oriented towards different targets and end customers.

Our work team is young and full of skilled specialists; these are two key elements when facing the complexity of contemporary communication.

Markdesign Studio’s team includes a web developer, a graphic designer and illustrator, food & beverage photographers for onsite/studio shootings, a copywriter and content editor specialising in local products, food&wine, promotion of local culture and traditions, tourism advertising, web writing and web 2.0 communication, to picture the company’s mission and product quality also on social media.

Our values

Our vision is to help each customer to fully express themselves and their product offers thanks to a tailor-made look and a voice you can instantly set apart from the crowd. Starting from an analysis of corporate and brand identity, we develop projects speaking of the company; in other words, expressing the mission, building long-lasting significance and, above all, arouse curiosity and emotions.

Close synergy and constant cooperation with people are the heart of every project by Markdesign. There is no other place we’d rather be than at the side of our customers, a key position to best define and effectively convey the identity of a brand. Our mission has given us the chance to work with world-wide companies on special projects, where creative thinking is the essence.


Over 25 years of experience make it possible for us to offer an all-round service and manage all working stages – from design to printing – always keeping a careful eye on every detail throughout the process.


Fabrizio Marchionni's passion for Italian oenology was the driving force behind every move taken by Markdesign. What seemed a simple vocation soon turned out to be a real need for a market in constant growth and transformation. Since the Nineties, the Italian wine sector has increasingly shown the urgency for a targeted form of communication of its identity, both in terms of territory and products.


Every project is one of a kind, because it is created according to the product and its world. First analysis and research, then creativity: this is the approach that we follow and that ensures quality and success more than any other.

Concept & Philosophy

We believe in listening first. Carefully listening to our customers lets us explore their needs and expectations, and grasp their brand personality, thus creating a productive synergy that allows us to understand their goals, positioning and target.

Our purpose, constantly driving and encouraging us towards new solutions, is to best highlight the uniqueness and the identity of the products.

Our dedication is what makes us stand out. Passion, sensitivity and a keen eye for detail are our biggest strengths, the ingredients we stir into every job.

We take care of all the project stages, from the creative process to the final product, always meeting the customers’ demands. This branding and storytelling work is not limited to analogue supports. Thanks to a flexible and skilled freelance team, we also develop digital communication strategies through social media marketing and content marketing activities.

Markdesign is a studio made up of environments, works, tools, but we are a family. A team of professionals and experts in the sector who have been collaborating for years in order to best meet the specific needs that may arise from each project.

Problems are challenges that we face with ease, resilience and passion.

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