Scuppoz — 592

Label Design

For this line of liqueurs produced by Scuppoz, an Abruzzese company located in Campli (TE) that took its first steps and thrived in the woods of Valle Castellana at the foot of Monti della Laga, our desire was to pique the consumers’ curiosity using a number linking all the three products. This number actually tells the story of the territory around Monti della Laga, which historically was a borderland and a land of brigands. The border line separating the State of the Church from the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies ran on the top of Monte Macèra della Morte (which closes the northern ridge of Monti della Laga) and this threshold was marked by the boundary stone number 592. The liqueur labels, drawing inspiration from this historical cue, stand out for their vintage look and for a fascinating use of Fasson Fleury Chene recycled paper.